Select Lateral Arm Awnings

The Stobag Select Retractable Awnings is a popular awning system that is available with a variety of different options to suit your particular outdoor living needs.Adjustable Pitch Awning  The Select Awning line is based on proven triangular back bar technology. Its universal brackets enables wall, offsite or roof mounting options.  You can even adjust the pitch of your awning easily and quickly with the Select to "chase the moving sun".

  • Optional Protective Awning Hood    
  • Drop Valance     
  • Adjustable Awning Pitch     
  • Awning Width Up to 59 feet     
  • Awning Projection up to 13 feet     
  • Motorized or Manual Awning Operation

Double Pitch Awning

The Select Beta Double Pitch Retractable Awning is specifically designed to offer additional shade and increased privacy.Double Pitch awning 

This awning has a 2nd incline since it has 4 articulated arms that open in 2 steps. The rear arm pair is bigger and their pitch is adjustable and they open first. Then the front arms of the 2nd incline open. 

This feature means the Beta is recommended for protection against the glare from the setting sun in spring and autumn and against prying eyes on terraces and patios.  If only the rear folding arms are rolled out, the BETA looks like any standard awning.     

  • Awning Width Up to 19 feet 8 inches     
  • Awning Projection up to 7 feet 4 inches     
  • Optional Protective Awning Hood

The Select Semi-Cassette Retractable Awning

The Select Semi-Cassette Retractable Awning is designed for medium-sized shaded areas.

An aluminum semi cassette hides the roller tube and fabric when the awning is retracted, which protects the fabric from wind, rain and other environmental effects.  These awnings are operated with either a manual crank or an electric motor. The electric motor also allows for the use of various remote controls and sun and wind sensors.    

  • Awning Widths from 8' to 19'
  • Awning Projections from 4'7" to 11'6"

The Select-Plus Cross Arm Retractable Awning

The Select-Plus can be used when a retractable awning with a longer projection than its width is required. What makes this unique awning able to accomplish this are awning arms that cross over each other. This makes the Select-Plus perfect for balconies, narrow roof terraces, window niches, and more. 

In the rolled-out position, the Select-Plus does not appear any different than a standard folding-arm awning. The awning can be operated manually or it can be motorized. 

  • Awning Widths  from 8' to 59'     
  • Awning Projections from 4'11" to 13'11"

Long Projection Retractable Awning

If you need to shade a large area our Jumbo Retractable Awning is just the ticket. It is Jumbo Retractable Awning designed for a maximum projection of more than 16 feet, which is perfect for large patios, decks or restaurants.

This awning utilizes up to six specially developed telescopic arms, so that the shade has a consistently high cover tension in any position. As a result the Jumbo has a very stable aluminum design, even with a maximum width of nearly 60 feet. The linear progression of the telescopic arms gives this awning a timeless, elegant aesthetic. The standard powerful electric drive with automatic end stop provides convenient control of the Jumbo awning.

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